Imperial River Cruises has over 25 years of experience specializing in the waterways of Russia and Ukraine. IRC is partnered with Orthodox Cruise Company, the largest ship operator in Russia. River cruise is a great way to get to know a country and its peculiar cultures: our itineraries run along several greatest rivers of Europe and are constructed in a way to stop at the most attractive cities and villages giving chances to examine the most picturesque sites. Our fleet sails Volga, Don, Neva, Svir, Dnieper, Danube rivers not counting lakes (lakes Onega and Ladoga are among these) and tremendous artificial waterways - those are a very special experience to go through!

When you travel with International Expeditions, you travel with pioneers in ecotourism. International Expeditions shows you some of the most remarkable places in the world — but does so in a way that’s as enriching as we can make it. Our escorted tours, planned and continuously refined over 36 years, include many elements that would be next to impossible to do otherwise.

Intrepid Travel has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1989. A company that began with two bearded backpackers, a typewriter and a kitchen table now leads 100,000 travellers across the globe each year. And although we’re a bit larger these days – with 1,000 local staff based around the world and over 800 different trips across every continent (not to mention multiple kitchen tables) – our mission remains the same. We still get a kick out of responsible travel, small groups and very (very) big adventures.