Day 3

7:15am 8:15am: Breakfast, sponsored by Hurtigruten

Presented by Daniel Skjeldam, CEO, Hurtigruten

8:15am 10:20am: General Session III

CEO Conversation

Frank Del Rio, President and CEO, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, Ltd. and Arnie Weissmann, Editor-in-Chief, Travel Weekly

TW Talks: Travel Agency Leadership Tackles Industry Hot Topics

Tom Botts, Head of Commercial, Uplift

Presidents' Panel

Moderated by Arnie Weissmann and Mary Pat Sullivan
Roberto Fusaro, President, MSC Cruises North America
Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President and CEO, Celebrity Cruises
Daniel Skjeldam, CEO, Hurtigruten
Andy Stuart, President and CEO, Norwegian Cruise Line

TW Tech Talks, sponsored by Trisept Solutions

10:30am 11:30am: Concurrent Sessions

Sales & Marketing: The 80/20 Rule of Social Media — Pick Your Platform and Rock It!

Presented by Andy Ogg, Ogg Marketing Group
Let’s face it; the number of social media channels has become downright overwhelming! How do you know which one to post to? How do you know which platform will work best for your ideal client? Join Andy Ogg in this exciting and fun look into the 80/20 rule of social media and how to implement it in your travel business to save time, increase your efforts and bring in more leads!

Business Operations: Travel Advisors & Fees — This Isn't Volunteer Work!

Presented by Patti Lehman, Travel 67
Being a part of the travel industry is a wonderful occupation and career choice. I have been doing this for just over 22 years now. I've had to change and adjust with the times. I learned to respect my worth. I don’t price match. My education and knowledge is what I am selling my clients. Your time and knowledge are worth something! Let me share my method, and help you create the best financial solution for your travel agency business.

Client Development: Qualify Your Clients and Nail the Sale

Presented by Stacey Ray, Groupit Travel and Groupit Travel Host Agency
Join Stacey Ray for an interactive presentation on what it means to qualify your clients so that you can nail the sale. Qualifying your clients thoroughly not only allows you to present the best option for your clients on the first go-around, but helps you to work smarter, not harder! Attendees will have a chance to volunteer to practice their interviewing skills and learn why qualifying your clients in writing does not give you the whole picture.

Growth Strategies: How I Reached My First 1 – no – $2 MILLION with Little or No Advertising!

Presented by Donna Alkarmi, Lone Star Travel
Donna first offered a session on how she reached her first $1M at CruiseWorld in 2016. She is returning this year to really motivate attendees and help them jumpstart their business as she shares the methods she used to bring her business to over $2M in sales in the last two years with a focus on selling all-inclusives and destination weddings!

11:40am 12:40pm: Concurrent Sessions

Business Operations: The Host Agency Conundrum

Presented by Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC, Ogg Marketing Group
Maybe you are just getting started with your travel agency and you are not sure if you need a host agency. If you do, how do you find the right one to best suit your business direction? Let’s unravel the mystery in this workshop about what a host can offer and how you find your perfect partner.

Sales and Marketing: What is a website anyway?

Presented by Geoff Millar, Ultimate All-Inclusive Travel Inc.
Rather than delving into the technical side of websites, this session will give attendees a basic course on the different things websites can be used for. You will learn the best ways to lay out and develop effective websites based on what you really want and need them to do for your business. Learn the true do's and don't's of planning and developing a website.

Client Development: Profitable Custom Land Tours for Groups

Presented by Carol Rowland, Recess 4 Grownups
How do you properly price and plan a group land tour? Most folks tend to think of cruises when it comes to groups, but there’s a lot of money to be made in land tours. In this session you'll learn how to:

  • Anticipate the hidden costs of your tour and incorporate those costs into your pricing, rather than getting hit in your profit later.

  • Create terms and conditions that prepare for the variety of issues that come up and can protect you against the 'what-ifs'

  • Learn the key issues of the contract with your supplier: when to negotiate and when to walk away

  • Learn how to add 'wow' elements and surprises to your custom tours that will make your tour memorable, without breaking the bank

Growth Strategies: Think Bigger...Fill the Ship!

Presented by Lorraine Simpson, Concierge Travel Group
You hear travel advisors speak of six figure commissions, but have you ever wondered "is this even true"? In this session we explore the possibility of partial and full ship charters. There are benefits and risks but the rewards may be worth it!

12:50pm 1:50pm: Lunch, Sponsored by Norwegian Cruise Line

Presented by Camille Olivere, Senior Vice President, Sales, Norwegian Cruise Line

1:50pm 3:00pm: General Session IV

Closing General Session

Destinations Update: Meet the Mexican Caribbean

Clementina Del Tejo, Promotion, Quintana Roo Tourism

Destinations Update: A Word from Quebec City

Caroline Tetu, Director, International Cruise Development, Québec City Tourism

TW Talks – Innovative Travel Advisors Share their Thought Leadership, Sponsored by Uplift

Rob Karp, Founder and CEO, MilesAhead
Mark Pestronk, Attorney, Offices of Mark Pestronk P.C.

Travel Planners International #BeTheCurator — The Price Is Right CruiseWorld Edition

Travel Planners International is all about championing the travel advisor entrepreneur! By curating amazing adventures for our clients, we connect the world and support small communities everywhere — during good times and bad. Benefiting Tourism Cares, seven lucky #BeTheCurator donors will “come on down” to bid and win prizes in this The Price Is Right-style gameshow (cue the music). Follow along and enter for a chance to win TPI’s #BeTheCurator campaign as we all raise funds for Tourism Cares.

3:15pm 4:15pm: Concurrent Sessions

Business Operations: Are ICs right for your business?

Presented by Geoff Millar, Ultimate All-Inclusive Travel Inc
This updated session will explore the ins and outs of determining if bringing ICs into your business is right for you. Geoff will explore the legal aspects as well as the practical aspects of bringing on ICs. Together you will look at the details and preparations you need to be aware of before hiring ICs. As every agency and consortia seems to be embracing growth by IC, Geoff will help you determine if and how you can be part of this IC growth phenomenon.

Growth Strategies: Business and Marketing Plans Made Easy!

Presented by Joanie Ogg, Ogg Marketing Group
We all know every business should have a business plan and a marketing plan. However, creating both of these plans can often seem like a daunting task. During this workshop learn how easy it can be to create both of these invaluable tools for your business growth. Find the fun in creating the direction and marketing strategies to help you soar with success.

Sales and Marketing: How to Make the Phone Ring

Panelists include: 
Jill LaBarre, Jill's Great Escapes
Kareem George, Culture Traveler LLC
D'Lane Maselunas, D'Lane Maselunas Travel
Heather Parker, Bliss Travel Experiences

You are not in the travel business; you are in the marketing business. Your job is to market yourself to people that you can help and are receptive to your help. Develop and implement a marketing strategy where interested prospects are given a reason to contact you. Everything you do should be designed to have prospects contact you. Offer prospects and customers something of value, usually in the form of information and/or education. If you focus on sales/price, you will attract customers that are bargain hunters. Highlight the types of travel experiences and destinations where you have expertise. Communicate your uniqueness and spread the word.

Client Development: Autism/Special Needs Travel 101

Presented by Nicole Thibault, Magical Storybook Travel, Spectrum Travel Social Story Videos
With the current autism prevalence rate at 1 in 59 children, if you book family travel, sooner or later you will have a client who has a family member with autism. How do you best assist these families? In this session, you will learn:

  • What is autism and what are its varying characteristics?

  • How does autism impact travel?

  • How do I best qualify clients with family members with autism and other special needs?

  • What can I do to best assist clients with autism and special needs before and during travel?

  • How can I market my services to families with autism/special needs?

4:30pm 6:00pm: Sponsored Workshop

How to Earn a Year's Pay From Just 1 or 2 Groups, Online and On Cruise Control... And How To Get The MOST PROFITABLE Groups To Find YOU!

Presented by "Captain Lou" Edwards, Little Shop of Cruises and Special-Events-At-Sea, Author of

Captain Lou Edwards will show you:

  • Several simple ways to DOUBLE and even TRIPLE YOUR COMMISSIONS with the cruise-lines, resorts (and group leaders) blessings!

  • How to easily transform ordinary groups from a grind, to GREATLY profitable, exclusive "Special-Events-At-Sea" (and on land, too!)

  • How to only speak with a client AFTER they have already deposited with you!

  • How to GET OFF THE PHONES and get 78% of your group clients to book ONLINE, 24/7 without needing YOUR assistance.

  • The Proposal Reversal. How to get the "right" pied pipers to qualify to be your group leaders, without ever having to submit a "group quote" or "proposal" to them.

  • A clever little strategy to get up to 80% of your current groups' guests to BEG to reserve their next trip, a full year in advance!

  • How To Brand Yourself As THE World Class Group Travel Expert In Your UN-Shopable Niche...with an insanely effective low cost lead generation strategy to be unveiled LIVE for the first time ever at CruiseWorld!

  • How to add $10,000, $20,000 even $50,000 per group to your bottom-line profits while working less, sleeping later, and traveling MORE!

Lou is a fellow travel agent, in the trenches every day, selling high profit "theme" group travel online and offline and has a passion for helping other agents do the same, through smart marketing, online automation and lots of FUN!  

NOTE:  This session is sponsored by Captain Lou's MILLION-DOLLAR GROUPS SYSTEM.  At the end of the training, an offer to purchase continuing education options will be provided.